Who knew!

Photo from this piece in The New York Times
  • Shopping. In a physical store or mall for as long as I wanted (without internally freaking out about poor ventilation) and hitting the food courts with friends and…

It’s been a weird year so far.

Photo by Viktor Hanacek via picjumbo

The truth is, no art is ever really finished.

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So, what is a DCP?

You won’t get into every film festival and that’s okay.

Image credit: ©2006 James Steidl

I made three films with an iPhone. You can, too.

A still from my documentary, The Name with No Face, the first film I shot on an iPhone.

Preparation is key.

I successfully released my film into a movie theatre, and you can, too.

Title card for ‘The Name with No Face’.

Get A Lawyer

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Writer/Director. Writing about movies and filmmaking. evelynnlee.com / evelynleefilms.com

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