• Nicole Franklin

    Nicole Franklin

    Writer-Director who loves #crypto. #SwingTrader at Wall St. opening bell. #FilmTech #BlackFilmPirate #NicoleOnBitcoin #TITLEVIIFilm NicoleFranklin.com

  • Heidi Haaland

    Heidi Haaland

    Screenwriter & Producer Reads far more than is good for her. Really.

  • Anna Donohue

    Anna Donohue

  • Caity FitzGerald

    Caity FitzGerald

    Writer - Laughing hard and playing in the rain for over two decades.

  • Keven Wickham

    Keven Wickham

    North American expat who emigrated to Belfast in the north of Ireland. Its people and history are my muse. I find inspiration in the streets and villages.

  • scott


  • Sarah Kelley

    Sarah Kelley

    Movie Buff/Burrito Enthusiast

  • Jaron


    Less about the map you have, more about the compass you follow → connect with me on TikTok (@jaron)

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