How to Stay Creative

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I’ve been mostly staying at and working from home since mid-March, only venturing out every few weeks to buy groceries (with a mask on!). I had plans to shoot a short film, but with everything at a standstill, those plans had to be scrapped, too. This pandemic is no joke, and I’d rather be safe than sorry.

But everywhere I turned, there was just a barrage of depressing news. The number of confirmed COVID-19 cases continued to climb, the death toll staggering and ceaseless. It was hard to focus on doing anything without feeling like there was some sort of impending doom lingering.

At first, it was hard to do even basic tasks like going through emails without feeling drained. And nothing seemed like it mattered. But after a few weeks, I started to get a hang of my new at-home setup and learned how to turn off the noise — and the news.

Here are some ways I’ve learned to stay creative:

1. Revisit Your Favorite Movies/Shows/Books

Sometimes, the best way to be creative is to simply re-immerse yourself in something you know and love. Because you already know how it’s going to play out and ultimately end, you don’t feel a sense of dread or fear the unknown. It’ll put you in a great mood, and help spark an idea you were so desperately searching for.

2. Clean Your Workspace

Your workspace could be a desk, a room, or just a small space somewhere. Wherever it may be, physical clutter can lead to the cluttering of your thoughts. Marie Kondo is right: being organized really does spark joy. You may also discover some things you’d forgotten about in the process that could inspire your next story or project. (This works for digital clutter, too. Plus, my laptop is running faster already.)

3. Take A Nap or A Shower

Mostly because I like taking naps and showers and feeling refreshed, but I also do, shockingly, get very good ideas after a nap or a shower. Maybe this will work for you, too. If not, at least you’ll get some rest or feel clean. A win-win.

4. Do Nothing

We are so occupied all the time these days. Everything fights for our attention. It’s good to just sit, stare, and do absolutely nothing sometimes. Give yourself a break. We all need it and deserve it. Who knows, maybe you’ll clear your mind and get inspired by the nothingness…

5. Log Off

When all else fails, log out of your email and social media accounts. Turn off the news and notifications. Step back and take a deep breath. You’re going to be okay. It’s okay to not be caught up on everything — you’ll eventually get over your fear of missing out. You are human after all. Protect your mental health. Creativity is at its best when you are, too.

Hope everyone is staying safe and healthy during this time. Take care of yourself and wear a mask, so we can get out of this sooner and be close once more.

Keep creating!




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