Things I Miss in 2020

Photo from this piece in The New York Times

As an introvert, I’ve largely always enjoyed keeping my own company. I like immersing myself in stories through visuals, sounds, and books often in my own sanctuary that is my room.

And yet, in a strange year like 2020, I found myself missing doing certain things… and the company of people…

Who knew!

So here are a list of things, in no particular order, that I found myself missing and longing for:

  • Shopping. In a physical store or mall for as long as I wanted (without internally freaking out about poor ventilation) and hitting the food courts with friends and family. Online shopping just doesn’t feel the same.
  • Going to the movies. I’ve always LOVED going to the movies. But I’m also the type of person who would happily go alone when no one else wants to see a particular film. Yet in this strange year, I find myself missing the dark aisles, the popcorn-filled air, the squeaky seats, and especially the company of great friends to discuss a movie with afterwards. 🥺
  • Coffee dates. A cup of coffee in NYC is overpriced, sure, but you’re never just paying for the coffee — you’re paying for the experience and the company. I miss “grabbing a quick coffee” with a friend that ends up being a four hour adventure.
  • Concerts. I miss small concerts in bars or smaller venues with indie artists where it feels intimate, and I also miss the experience of being in a massive stadium with screaming fans for Taylor Swift.
  • Advanced movie screenings. So back to this movies thing. Usually around this time, as a member of the film industry, I get to go to a bunch of advanced free film screenings of movies, sometimes with Q&As with the cast and filmmakers after the credits have rolled. I know we can still RSVP to a Zoom session for these, but I’m lying if I say I don’t miss sharing air with celebrities without worrying about dying.
  • All of my friends. Especially the ones who don’t live nearby. I can’t hug them. 🥺

Hope everyone is staying safe. Please wear a mask and cover your mouths AND noses. The sooner we can get through this, the sooner we can all grab a coffee, go shopping, and maybe catch a movie with some friends.




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